2024 Classes & Rules

Formula – Any hull type allowed. No nic plated motors, no high performance motors. This class is intended to be an entry level class. Entries will be allowed at the discretion of SODA officials. Mercury 2.5L carbureted or XRI injected engines allowed,


·       2.5L Mercury XRI Injection, 130lbs compression

·       2.4L Mercury, 165lbs compression

·       Stock engines allowed but not limited to: Evinrude eTec, Mercury Optimax, all other manufacturers and four strokes.

·       SODA officials may determine that you may need to add weight to race but there are no defined weight requirements. Please call to discuss bringing your boat prior to the race.


XRI CompAny production hull allowed, only Mercury 2.5L Pro Max or black blocks allowed. Up to .044 over bore. Mercury XRI injection only with stock fuel rail, in stock location. Original air management covers only. No slide systems or additional air inlets can be added. Throttle body overbore allowed as is up to 1’ spacer plate. Any engine modifications allowed. Only Mercury rods, 8141, 5250, no aftermarket rods allowed. Only Mercury produced heads for like motor, o-ring or gasket type. No billet heads. Only Mercury ignition or aftermarket equivalent allowed. Mercury, PPE, Brucato, or CDI ECUs allowed. Must use original top and bottom caps. Mercury 7 ring oiler crankshafts only. Mercury 4/5 or 7 petal front halves only. Oiler block off must be accessible. 4/5 petal reed blocks may be modified but only original 4/5 blocks allowed with a fastener spacing of 3.8 inches. Steel bores only, no nic blocks allowed. Pistons allowed are WSM, Vertex, Pro Marine, Wiseco and Mercury (no hi-performance pistons). Lighten and balancing allowed. Lightweight flywheels allowed. No single ring pistons allowed. 15’’ and above midsections allowed. 4 ¾” gearcases only. No small gearcases. All gearcases must be fully functioning.


·       4/5 petal motors allowed 185lbs compression, 1325lbs.

·       7 petal motors allowed 165lbs compression, 1375lbs.


Bass and Ski – Any hull originally configured to seat 3 or more. Any motor combo, no alcohol, no nitrous. 15'' and above midsections allowed.

·       2.7L and below: 150lbs compression, 1550lbs. Unlimited compression, 1600lbs.

·       2.8L to 3.0L: 150lbs compression, 1650lbs. Unlimited compression, 1700lbs.

·       3.1L and above: 150lbs compression, 1700lbs. Unlimited compression, 1750lbs.

·       V6 Pro legal engines allowed: 7 petal intake, 1500lbs. 5 petal intake, 1450lbs.

·       Any stock DFI engine (eTec, Optimax, etc.), 1600lbs.

·       Any stock 4-stroke engine allowed, 1600lbs.


Pro Carb – Any type hull allowed, any motor combo, race gas with additives allowed, no alcohol based fuels, any mid, any gearcase, any mods.

·       2.7L and below: 150lbs compression, 1350lbs. Unlimited compression, 1400lbs.

·       2.8L to 3.0L: 150lbs compression, 1450lbs. Unlimited compression, 1500lbs.

·       3.1L and above: 150lbs compression, 1500lbs. Unlimited compression, 1550lbs.


River Mod – Any type hull allowed. Any motor configuration, midsections 12” and up, any gearcase, no alcohol, no nitrous.

·       2.7L and below: 150lbs compression, 1350lbs. Unlimited compression, 1400lbs

·       2.8L to 3.0L: 150lbs compression, 1450lbs. Unlimited compression, 1500lbs.

·       3.1L and above: 150lbs compression, 1500lbs. Unlimited compression, 1550lbs.

·       V8 engine: 1700lbs. 

·       Pro Carb legal entries allowed: 130lb weight break from those listed above.

·       V6 Pro legal entries allowed: 7 petal intake, 1300lbs. 5 petal intake, 1250lbs. Must comply with all V6 Pro rules, no small gearcases.


V-6 Pro – Any type hull allowed. Pro Max or black motors allowed, steel or chrome bores, no nic bores or high performance nic motors allowed, except for 2.4, 2.0 litre motors. Midsections 12” and above. Only 4 3/4'' gearcases allowed, no small diameter cases permitted. All below V6 Pro engine configurations must be 2.7L and below.

·       SVS/altered XRI intake 7 petal: 165lbs compression, 1325lbs.

·       Stock XRI intake 7 petal: 185lbs compression, 1325lbs.

·       Stock XRI intake 5 petal: 185lbs compression, 1275lbs.

·       Carbureted 5 petal: 185lbs compression, 1275lbs.

·       Carbureted 7 petal: Unlimited compression. 1325lbs.

·       2.0L or 2.4L: Any intake, Unlimited compression, 1325lbs.


Pro Mod 1225 –  Any type hull allowed, any motor configuration, any midsection, any gearcase, no alcohol, no nitrous.

·       2.7L and below: 1225lbs

·       2.8L to 3.0L: 1325lbs

·       3.1L and above: 1375lbs

·       V8: 1525lbs


Outlaw – Any hull type allowed, any motor combo allowed. No nitrous. No alcohol allowed. No minimum weight.


Pro Drag/Unlimited – Any type hull allowed, any motor combo, alcohol allowed, nitrous allowed.

·       No nitrous – no minimum weight

·       Nitrous – 1100lbs


Race payouts – Entry fees will be 80% payback. Purse payout are donations strictly for purse money. No purse money will be disbursed in a class of 3 boats or less. Payouts are as follows- 2-9 boats 1st place 65% 2nd place 35% of payable entry money. Classes with 10 or more boats 1st-60% 2nd 25% 3rd 15%. High Points will follow the boat with 2 substitutions allowed per season with a paid member in good standing.


Entry Fees are as follows:

All Classes $160.00

AOF insurance Fee - $25.00 per race or $75.00 for year (can be made in 3 payments)

Association Fee - $250.00 (1 time fee per year)


Technical Inspection Clarification

Our technical inspections are to make sure you are in compliance with our rules. Here are a few clarifications. 

1. Fuel additives- Fuel additives are allowed. Some contain methanol and other properties

Such as propylene oxide.  We check only for methanol and is a simple separation test

With water.  As long as you are not over 40percent methanol, you are good.  Anything above 40.0 is a DQ.  We do offer courtesy checks before the race, but before the drivers meeting.

2. Compression Test - Simple.  If the rule states 150lbs, it is 150.0.  A reading of 150.1 is a DQ.

3. 2.7 Litre - This rule was designed to keep like engines in place with the Mercury 2.5.  They are OMC 2.7 and Suzuki 2.7. Yamaha had 2.6 so it fell in the mix.  If the OMC or Suzuki were bored to 30 over, that would put them over 2.7 litres, which is allowed as long as it starts with a standard bore for each.  Be prepared to remove 1 cylinder head if needed at race.  

4. Weighing boats- Boats that come in under weight will be penalized as follows-

1-15lbs considered a minor infraction with disqualification for the event.

16 and over is a major infraction with a 1-year suspension from date of occurrence.

If you have a stroked motor be prepared to remove a head to determine displacement. Inspections may be required before you race, be prepared to remove your cowlings for a visual only, unless otherwise determined. Please have all kill switches in working order. Our safety inspector will check everyone. Tethers must be functional.

All Classes may use gasoline, race gas, pump gas with additives allowed. The exception is Pro Drag where any fuel is allowed.



All Rules and Weights Subject to Change After Any Event

If the SODA technical crew observes that there are any significant discrepancies between entries within a class, it may be determined necessary to update rules during the season. SODA officials reserve the right to make necessary changes at any time.