About - Southern Outlaw Dragboat Association (SODA)

The Southern Outlaw Dragboat Association (SODA) provides a platform for all performance outboard enthusiasts to complete in 800' heads up drag racing. SODA has developed classes that can accommodate all levels of competition - from those newer to competition SODA offers Formula and Lake Racer classes, and to the more seasoned competitors SODA offers a high level of competition with V-6 Pro, Pro Mod, and Pro Drag. Most classes are built around the popular Mercury 2.5 V-6 two stroke outboard engine; however, all outboard manufacturers are welcome!

The SODA organization is committed to growing the sport of outboard drag boat racing and likes to create a fun, family friendly atmosphere at their events. If you're interested in getting involved, please reach out to us on our Facebook page! 

2024 General Information

Membership Fees, Race Payouts, General Event Rules

Association Fee

Entry Fees


Insurance Fees


High Points Fund


Race Payouts

80% of entry fees will be used to payout top finishers of each class. Purse payout are donations strictly for purse money. No purse money will be disbursed in a class of 3 boats or less.

General Event & Race Rules


Driver’s Meeting Attendance

All drivers must be present at the drivers meeting for role call. Failure to attend the drivers meeting may disqualify the driver from the event, possibly without refund. Exceptions will be handled on a situational basis and the outcome will be at the discretion of the SODA officials.


Running Order

The running order of classes will be determined the morning of the event, prior to the drivers meeting. SODA officials will assess the number of boats per class and determine the most efficient process for a smooth functioning event.


Driver/Class Numbers

Each driver will draw a number card for pairing for each class their participating in during the event. Drivers cannot participate in the event if they’re not assigned a number for their class. Driver numbers will be assigned at the end of the drivers meeting the morning of the event.


Ramp Call

SODA announcers will call each class to the ramp prior to the completion of the class running before. All boats and drivers are expected to be in the water by the end of the prior class. In the event that a driver has not entered the water in a timely manner, they may be disqualified at the discretion of the SODA team.


Failure to Approach

Any driver that cannot approach the start boat when their number is drawn will have five minutes to get their boat started and up to the light. In the event that a driver cannot approach the start boat under their own power they will receive a loss. Two failures to approach the start boat will result in a disqualification.


Rules Infractions

Drivers who intentionally infract any class rules may be subject to fine determined by SODA or barred from competing in future SODA events for a time period specified by SODA officials. Serious rule infractions include weight infractions over 25lbs, compression over 50lbs, any gross or unacceptable behavior.


Acceptable Behavior

All drivers and crew must conduct themselves in a professional manner during the entirety of the event. SODA retains the right to disqualify and driver and/or crew for misconduct. This includes but is not limited to the use of alcohol or drugs during the event, violence, profanity, intentional rules infraction, and intentional destruction/littering of venue property.


Safety Inspection

All drivers and boats must submit to a pre-race safety and technical inspection. All kill switches must me in working order. All safety equipment must be suitable for competition. It is at the discretion of the SODA technical crew to disqualify the driver if any components or safety equipment does not meet minimum requirements.



Lake Eustis Summer Showdown - Margaret Frabott Memorial 

July 29-30, 2023

Photos by Bennie Brawley